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Blackout Buddy Color

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Protect your Valuables

The Blackout Buddy family of products provide peace of mind for you an your family.  Soothing away the monsters under the bed and standing watch with always charged batteries, ready to spring into action as fully charged flashlights if the power should fail.

Direct Access to News

Tune out the noise while you tune in the world.  The Elite Series from Etón provides unparalleled fit and finish, from exquisite weighted knobs to snappy buttons to custom designed faux leather cases and satchels.  A bridge between the shortwave of the past and Bluetooth of the future, these radios have it all. 

Empowered by Nature

Whether enjoying the summer sun's rays or preparing for a spring storm, Etón's on-the-go preparedness products are ready for anything.  Charge your phone, light your path, get critical updates on news and weather, these products do it all.